A New Series Is Born: April 2019

I recently spent a few months in California while travelling the West Coast.  I discovered a Ramen restaurant and wanted to try it out, expect the line was about as long as black Friday lines.  I was thinking, no way am I going to actually wait in this line but also curiosity was getting the better part of me.  I ended up waiting for a little over an hour before making it inside the door where I was quickly given a paper menu with a highlighter and thankfully a host who helped me fill it out.  After going through what seemed like a thousand choices I was seated at a table to wait for a waiter.  Again, the choices continued but surprisingly the food came out very quickly.  I guess you have to in order to keep up with those kind of lines.  I was actually starving at this point but the food was so insanely fun, delicious and entertaining that I left feeling very pleased.  This brought me to visit another Ramen restauraunt in my home town of Seattle.  This time there was a line and the restaurant was packing us in but we were seated fairly quickly.  I observed a very fun crowd of happy patrons.  Long story short, a new series was born.  The pop culture of Ramen.  Here is an example of the first painting in the new series.  Stay tuned on Instagram for updates! InstagramIMG_2740.jpg


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