Pricing and Custom Work

I often get requests for custom artwork. I love to create something that is personal to you as a client and will be something that you will treasure for many years to come. Sometimes that means ordering a gift for someone you love or creating a memory of a lost pet to keep close to your heart. Whatever the project is, I can do a consultation with you on size options, pricing and custom work available. Custom Work Ideas: Gifts, anniversaries, birthdays, pet portraits, boat portraits, vacation memories and much more!

Package options:

Custom Work

Size: 9″x12″

Media: color pastels or ink

Price: $300

Custom Work

Size: 18″x24″

Media: Color pastels or ink

Price: $400

Custom Work

Size: 18″x24″ (larger sizes available)

Media: Oil paint

Price: $500

Let’s build something together.

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